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Welcome to the Erewash Press, a publisher of classic and forgotten fiction and poetry, as well as new releases in our (admittedly niche) areas of interest.  Our catalogue aims to work as a friend by recommending you slightly unusual books by writers you already know, or pointing out odd corners of literary history you might enjoy.  A book of Arthurian poems by one of the Inklings?  A post-apocalyptic dystopia by a nineteenth-century feminist?  A Victorian fantasy tale about people evolving into beasts and beasts evolving into people?  If these sound like something you’d like to read, you may have found a book community you’ll enjoy.

Or if you’re fascinated by the odder corners of mid-century fiction, children’s stories, theology or Christianity, you’ll be sure to find something on our shelves to tempt you.

Erewash Press concentrates on finding and publishing unusual but readable books, with prices kept low so you can afford to pick one up whenever your interest is piqued.  You can find all our books in the catalogue) and there’s a bit more information about each title in the blog pages we publish when a new book is released – so do follow us for news, offers, and the chance to get your hands on free books.

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