The Three Clerks, Anthony Trollope

the clerks

As a press, you could say we’re very keen on Trollope, which is why we’re able to select some of the more page-turning of his oeuvre to put out in Erewash editions.

Our latest, The Three Clerks, is no exception. It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a tale of three clerks. Yet as Trollope’s most autobiographical novel, there’s much more going on. Like any good Trollope novel, there are love interests and intrigues as well as debts and fortunes to be won or written off.

Jem has written more on clerks and clerking over at Quite Irregular and in the introduction to this edition.


Clergymen of the Church of England

Clergymen of the church of england What could be better than Trollope skewering the Church of England?

One hundred and fifty years ago Anthony Trollope published a series of articles about the clergy of the Church of England in the Pall Mall Gazette. They caused an uproar, and were denounced in some quarters as ignorant, ill-informed, and demonstrating a ‘hair-dresser’s opinion of religion’. The articles dealt with the state of the Anglican Church and the changes it was facing, via a series of imaginative and witty portraits of typical clergymen. From the urbane deans of cathedral closes, to the would-be celebrity preachers, Trollope’s pen sketched an array of clerical characters which caught the likeness of the Church of England at a crucial moment in its history.

Jem has written a bit more about it on his own blog, and you can buy the book from Amazon by clicking on the image, or following this link.

If you don’t want to read the book, you can still join the thousands (yes, literally thousands) of people who have taken our accompanying quiz: which type of clergyman are you?

Miss Mackenzie

The eponymous Miss Mackenzie devotes her life to family, then inherits a fortune, has to decide between a life of cards and assembly rooms, or a life of church meetings and flirty curates. Should she marry a man IN TRADE?! Will any of the money from the charity fete actually go to orphans of black soldiers in the Civil War? Will she somehow still manage to sacrifice herself for the Good of the Family? It’s classic Trollope territory…


Jem’s written a bit more about it over on Quite Irregular.