The Princess and the Goblin and the Princess and Curdie


Our first release, The Princess and the Goblin and The Princess and Curdie is a compilation of two intriguing short novels by the Victorian writer George MacDonald. A huge influence on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton and later fantasy authors, these books combine fantastical storylines with suprisingly radical ideas for their time. The stories feature a young princess, an invading horde of goblins, a poetic miner and a white-haired, shape-shifting woman who might hold the key to the universe.

I saw the bright shadow coming out of the book and resting there, transforming all common things and yet itself unchanged.
C.S. Lewis on reading George MacDonald


For readers of Narnia…

…we have a pair of short fantasy novels, written by a Victorian theologian who was a powerful influence on Lewis’s fiction.  There is a witch with white hair, some angry goblins, a magic secret only the heroine can see, and animals that can very nearly talk.


George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin and The Princess and Curdie are bizarre, fantastical, and profound tales.  Our edition includes both novels, with a pair of essays exploring their approach to fantasy, their style and their theology, for a very reasonable price.